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Green Energy Money (GEM) offers financial solutions for single family and multi-family energy efficiency and renewable energy new construction and retrofit projects. Our strategic alliances and partners include mortgage and financial companies, appraisers, building science consultants, and utilities around the country. We work with builders, developers and real estate owners to drive High-Performance Building and energy reductions in our communities.

In addition, GEM has developed green appraisal practices and methods that standardize a “recognized green premium” in energy efficiency. These methods have been accepted and approved by national mortgage and appraisal industry organizations and meet all regulatory compliance guidelines.

The GEM team strives to create excellence and an experience that empowers, informs and supports a new paradigm for doing business. By incorporating sustainability principles, we improve our economic growth and social culture.

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Our Philosophy includes the Triple Bottom Line Principle; PEOPLE, PLANET, PROFIT; and in that order. 

Green Energy Money provides the green financial tools, data and methods that help homeowners, lenders, real estate agents, appraisers, and builders realize the economic and environmental benefits of high-performance, energy-efficient buildings.

We want our clients and stakeholders to find the best information and services in the green, high-performance building and lending industry available today.  Green financing has been an anomaly in the past, and most lending institutions don’t have the knowledge or expertise to support building owners looking for funding solutions. 

In fact, some lenders turn away customers trying to find alternative green financing; or worse, incorporate punitive guidelines causing owners to either come up with more cash, abandon their projects or find ways to self-fund. 

At Green Energy Money, we make the green loan process as seamless as possible in today’s market.  We even make sure our customers and stakeholders are recognized and rewarded for their greatness in making the planet a better place. That’s the experience we want for our clients.



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