Green Appraisals for Lenders, Builders and Homeowners

The Problem with Lenders

Most lenders do not recognize and acknowledge the value of high performance buildings, so builders and homeowners can‘t get the upfront capital necessary to convert an existing building and or to build a new project to meet high-performance standards.

The GEM High-Performance Solution

GEM gives appraisers and lenders what they need. To do their job, appraisers and lenders must have fully quantified data to address their risk and marketability criteria; they must be able to back up any assessment claims. GEM has developed a method for green appraisals that supports valuation processes and analysis so that appraisers, realtors, and lenders can properly recognize the value of energy-efficiency measures.

The GEM Process Benefits Everyone

Homeowners can enjoy

  • A streamlined loan process
  • Potential increases in property equity
  • Better resale value
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduced utility bills that offset building improvement financing
  • Increased comfort and a healthier building
  • Faster paybacks by applying energy savings to their mortgage
  • A secure future from rising utility and building costs

Appraisers receive consistent, quantified data and certified building audits that:

  •  Include project measures and their relationship to utility reductions
  • Building performance data and predicted energy costs
  • ·Support a recognized potential increase in value

Builders can easily quantify measures and costs for green upgrades and:

  • Achieve a green valuation with quantified data and metrics that support green building measures
  • Absorb capital cost outlays  – reduce bust outs on appraisals
  • Get construction projects approved more quickly and easily
  • Differentiate and translate transparent economic and cost benefits to buyers
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