about_us_2Green Energy Money (GEM) is a financial and green project planning and funding resource. It helps property owners achieve increased building and financial performance for their real estate investment.

We provide financial analysis tools to support better decisions on energy efficient construction and remodeling projects. GEM provides the cost analysis to compare investments based on utility expenses and energy reductions. This analysis can improve your property value and even lower or offset loan costs.

We offer a fast and simple process to analyze the cost benefit of your projects without spending a lot of time and money up front. We’ve created industry wide and patented methods and formulas that take the guesswork out of a complex process.


Connecting Property Owners, Developers and Builders with Innovative Financing Solutions 


We offer financing mechanisms for:
  • Reducing the paybacks by as much as 10 years
  • Absorbing capital outlays on upgrade costs
  • Facilitating appraisal and loan underwriting process for improved property values
  • Linking you to fast pre-loan approvals with green financial experts at competitive rates.
  • Financial planning and staging tools for property upgrades.
  • Ability to generate green assets that can help offset borrowing costs over the life of the loan.


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Matching your financial and project profile with the right loan products is a critical component for funding green projects. Competitive financing for green residential and commercial projects and GEM‘s patented methods provide powerful economic returns that can help pay for your upgrades faster than conventional financing.

We help you create the best overall economic decisions for your energy improvements, increase your savings and return on your investment, and make the greening up process easier, faster and a lot more affordable.

Our network of experts and green professionals include national, state and municipality approved contractors, auditors, green appraisers, realtors, financial companies and consultants. We speak and understand green financing!




Learn How Much Energy Upgrades Could Increase Your Home Value.

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What A Difference A Zero Makes- Net zero building creates revenue! 

Green Energy Money takes the guess work out of economic decisions for sustainable construction and renovations. Go-and-no-go decisions should not be so difficult or cost hundreds or thousands of dollars for up-front pre-inspections, audits and consulting fees before you even know if it‘s economically viable to begin your project.

Making sound investments that create a greater return on your dollar can make the difference of thousands of dollars over time. Put your extra zeros (dollars) to work for you.

Zeros Count. So does achieving the highest possible building performance, or net-zero building. Today, technological advancement has made it possible to becoming your own energy producer-generating excess power that is sold to your local utility for a wholesale rate or using the excess power to fuel an electric vehicle!

High building performance energy efficiency and Net-Zero buildings create revenues. In turn, those revenues support a higher property value. GEM provides quantifiable data that provides analysis of green assets-way beyond conventional analysis models.

The data provides financial institutions and building owners with important information on property values, energy and carbon reductions that can offset the interest and risk performance on your loan.


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A few of our High Efficiency homes


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