High-performance building technology and building science has dramatically improved over the past decade.

Today, advanced building code adoption has increasedgreen city globe efficiency measures to reduce operating and utility costs.Many production and custom builders are able to provide product for high-performance building that reduces operating costs to near zero costs.

These buildings perform with utility costs as low as a few hundred dollars a year. Exceptional “pioneer” builders are able to increase the performance of a building to generate “excess energy” that can fuel an electric vehicle or even pay owners that sell excess energy (this varies per state Renewable Energy Credit Portfolio (REC) policies.)

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and many green builders have stepped up to engage in high-performance building to differentiate themselves; check municipal databases to find approved green builders in your region. But there are different “shades of green.”

It is important to choose a builder who is trained and certified in high building performance, or look for recognized labels-i.e., “certified “houses-in production purchases. It is equally important to obtain information on the building performance and projected energy costs of the building.


Similar to a miles-per-gallon rating in cars, recognized certifications or building labels include:


Financing for new construction includes:

  • Land purchase money (you must own the land before you can finance a construction project)
  • Construction loans
  • One-time close construction loans (locks in the rate at a higher premium and converts to a permanent loan at the end, limited availability in many regions)
  • Permanent take outs (commences after construction is completed)


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