What’s a Planet Worth?


 Republished for 2017 How does one quantify the value of Earth?  In essence, we already do – we call it economic systems and development.  According to Wikipedia, the definition of an economic system is a system of production and exchange … Read More

Reverse Mortgage Loans Go Green, Aging in Place, Alternative Community Lifestyle Emergence


  Sun-setter’s (positive spin for senior citizens) are experiencing the new coined phrase, ageism and continue to dominate the reverse mortgage market.  New trends in the reverse mortgage industry are emerging.  A new “hybrid” model utilizing reverse mortgages can improve … Read More

Climate Change Call to Action: Duty to Serve our Communities and Market Stakeholders


  The climate change definition is a very loose and often ambiguous term that confuses many people.  Climate change polarized conversations have been debated for centuries. On the one hand, it covers pretty much any earth related catastrophe and/ or … Read More

Better than Code Homes: Translating & Quantifying Appraisal Value


 As building science and technology continue to evolve, scale and become more affordable, innovative builders are finding ways to meet and exceed mandated energy building code requirements. However, builders are finding that projects built better than code can pose new … Read More

How to Take Advantage of Green Energy Money’s Toolbox for Home Retrofits


 Green Energy Money’s Free Report for existing home retrofits is a great free tool available to homeowners that help them determine estimated building upgrade improvement costs and the potential return on investment upfront.  You can even get pre-qualified for financing before scheduling any … Read More

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