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Recent News

Choosing Right Green-High-Performance Builder for Your Project or Community

So you have found the perfect parcel of land; or have an existing home that needs updating, but how do you choose a builder that is reputable, competent and skilled in the art of high-energy performance or green building? Some ...

Choosing the Right Land for Green Building

One of the most important components of green building is the land you choose to build your project.  There are multitudes of factors that must be considered when choosing the perfect parcel of earth to develop.  Making the wrong choice ...


Not so long ago, maybe a half a century to be fair, manufactured built homes or mobile homes were popular due to their affordable, expedited distribution and assembly aspects. Building in factories allowed lower income families and rural regions to ...

The Importance Achieving Energy & Financial Interdependence in America

Independence Day – New Meaning for Sustainability America’s fight for independence and freedom from oppression has long been our greatest legacy.   In order to continue our heritage, we should also consider sustainability as a critical path to achieving our ...

What’s So Smart about the Smart Grid?

Once upon a time we hunted and gathered our food; we made our fire from rubbing two sticks together; and we pretty much relied on the sun, rain and nature to provide all that we needed to sustain life.  Fast ...

Which is Better; To Lease or Own Solar Panels?

**UPDATED FOR 2016 GUIDELINES** Dozens of solar installation companies, such as SolarCity and SunRun, have sprung up in recent years, cashing in on the solar energy wave. "Save $$! Lock in your utility rate!" Technically they are known as solar ...

This Earth Day – There’s Never Been a Better Time to Engage!

Earth Day, originally conceived by peace activist John McConnell in 1969, was first celebrated on March 21, 1970, to coincide and venerate the first day of spring.  Senator Gaylord Nelson founded a new Earth Day a month later as an ...
rainwater in a glass

Transcending Antiquated Rainwater Lending Policies

A CALL TO ACTION We can survive without electricity, but clean, reliable water is a critical resource that humans simply can’t live without.  Growing demand in underserved drought-ridden regions where municipality water infrastructure is unavailable has become problematic. The mortgage ...