Green Energy Money (GEM) is partnering and connecting with US and Canadian stakeholders to offer a High-Performance Building and Green Energy Mortgage (GEM Loan®) Pilot Program, the GEM Loan Hi-PP Initiative. GEM has beta-tested its appraisal and lending practices and methods with several national and regional mortgage lending institutions and banks. Together we have successfully funded over $37m in loan volume, 78 units; during a 36-month Beta Program for high-performance projects where over 50 percent were near-to-net-zero homes.

About the GEM Loan® Beta Program

During the GEM Loan® Beta, the loans were sold to Fannie Mae, big 5 institutional banks, jumbo private investors and other secondary lending markets.

Aggregated data provided and quantified through the GEM Beta Program timeline are as follows:

  • 78 units (single family) - $37,468,370 total loan volume
  • Green Premium Valuations = 9% increase for green measures overall
  • Over 800 Tons of Carbon were saved
  • Over $138,000 per year in total energy savings
  • Homes are continuing to perform at HERS Predicted energy use – demonstrates operational integrity
  • FICO Score average 761 – quality borrowers, demonstrated overall economic opportunity – engagement in reducing energy consumption
  • Average loan amount was $473,561


The GEM Loan Hi-PP Initiative will demonstrate proof of concept: green assets can be bundled, quantified and monetized in order to implement 21st Century incentivized financing mechanisms. Near-to-net zero buildings can be financed using the GEM Loan ®, private label mortgage, and will be analyzed to measure impacts on building and financial performance.  Performance measures of a minimum of 40 percent energy reduction, HERS 60, (or equivalent 2016 IECC) are required.


GEM and their valued lending alliances are currently seeking high-performance builders and projects to join the GEM Loan® Hi-PP Initiative. The targeted states to date are: Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, DC Metro, Missouri, Texas, Utah, Oregon and Washington; and targeted regions in Canada. 

The GEM Loan® product is unique.  We offer this product to any qualified lender to seeking emerging markets in the built environment space.  

This means builders can now drive high-performance lending to meet their customer demand and complement their high-performance buildings with a true green energy mortgage that absorbs and additional capital outlay for green upgrades, including solar. We also offer training and marketing programs to further support our preferred lenders in understanding your market – and help serve your clients.  The result, streamlined processes, great customer experience, consistent market messaging.

The Green Energy Money team is also currently seeking strategic lending partners, (builder’s lenders) to license the GEM Loan® product offer competitive financing programs and the GEM quantified green project appraisals have included leading-edge renewable and building upgrades for:  


The GEM Loan® Hi-PP Initiative serves multiple purposes:

  • Supports adaptation for bundling private capital mortgage-backed securities;
  • Masses regional high-performance projects by offering incentivized financing and recognized property valuations;
  • Provides scalable sample study analysis, proving marketability and financial market risk mitigation;
  • Drives high-performance building of new construction and retrofit markets to meet government energy reduction goals;
  • Creates high-performance loans with deeper incentive programs – PMI reduction programs, expanded guidelines, property tax exemptions and other owner rewards;
  • Absorbs the capital outlay for green upgrades in appraisal and loan acceleration.


The GEM Loan® Hi-PP Initiative Supports:

  • Demonstrated Market Demand – Market Reaction Drives High-Performance & Incentivized funding mechanisms
  • Mass Building Market – Aggregated Channels for Mortgage Pools
  • Green Financial Platforms – Incentivized Green Energy Mortgage Products; Clean Energy Bonds
  • New Revenue Streams – Green Assets – AAA Quality Assets & Quality Assurance
  • Mitigated Risk – Ability to Monitor & Benchmark Loan & Building Performance
  • Expanded underwriting guidelines; adhere to quality building performance and energy reduction
  • Appraisal Standardization – Premium Value – Enhanced Building Performance recognition
  • Market Differentiation – Cost Benefit – Performance Transparency

Our strategic lending alliances offer competitive financing programs and the GEM quantified green project appraisals have included leading-edge renewable and building upgrades for:  

  • Solar
  • Geothermal
  • Rainwater Harvesting (only source of water)
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Electric vehicle infrastructure
  • High-performance building materials, SIP panels, etc.
  • All energy-efficiency building envelope and equipment upgrades


For more information about joining the GEM Loan® Hi-PP Initiative please contact us online today or sign up on the form below.  

Let’s join together and be a part of the solution – supporting sustainable building, financing and living practices for our communities and future generations!

Hi-PP Initiative