Estimate your realized yearly energy savings to calculate an estimated increase to your property value.

The Incremental Property Value (IPV) is formulated based on present value (20 year life cycle average) and dollar per energy reduction calculations, (every dollar saved = $15-$21 in value, weighted averages of present, future values) into a total dollar amount.

The IPV, PV and DER can be used for general building energy operational savings appraisal analysis, and to follow UAD, USPAP and Fannie Mae allowable adjustments. The energy performance adjustments can be added to the energy efficient line item, as with any home features and attributes adjusted on other line items, that contribute to value, marketability and risk.

Disclaimer: The IPV Calculations yield a general estimate of energy savings over time; in no way does this quantification, calculation tool reflect or influence the actual value of an appraisal or property sale price. For a proper analysis, contact a qualified, state licensed appraiser, following Appraisal Independent Requirement competency requirements; and a state licensed REALTOR® to perform reports and valuations.
For educational and informational purposes only. This is not a commitment to make a loan or offer an extension of credit. Interest rates are subject to change without notice; rates used in these calculations in no way represents lender and underwriting approval. Green Energy Money, Inc., is not a licensed mortgage entity and does not represent market conditions or consumer eligibility. Copyright 2022 Green Energy Money