GEM offers a suite of green building quantification, marketing, and financial products and services that distinguishes high-performance builders and developers from conventional real estate markets.

America’s Real Estate Developers and Builders have impacted our country’s social and economic conditions for centuries.  From the way the land is developed (sustainably), implementing building design and modern day technology, our communities continue to benefit from innovative building industry pioneers.

These innovators help shape the way we live and our ability to sustain ourselves. We thank our builders for their contribution in driving high-performance building and sustainability practices!

It’s a new paradigm. Today’s building environment can be overwhelming for most builders.  Staying ahead of technological advancement, building code and carbon reduction mandates, web-based marketing and financial, utility regulatory shifts can be a daunting experience for most real estate construction companies.

Green Energy Money, Inc is proud to be a valued resource and market-based solution for our building community. We understand that increasing building costs to improve energy efficiency can make it difficult to absorb cost outlays, translate and quantify to consumer and financial markets.  The old myths and perceptions around green building affordability have shifted dramatically.  It doesn’t have to cost more to enjoy energy and financial interdependence.

High-performance building is fast becoming a beneficial way to differentiate and continue to scale and grow companies in the real estate and financial industry. GEM offers a suite of green building quantification, marketing, and financial products and services that distinguishes high-performance builders and developers from conventional real estate markets.  Our goal is to drive high-performance building and lending and create sustainable energy and debt reduction potential for homeowners and businesses; no matter how big or small.

GEM Supports Builders and Developers to Advance High-Performance Building

Attestato di prestazione Energetica classe GWe understand how important having the right financing team can be to our builder’s success.  We work with all builders, large and small production, to small custom builders to help them structure and facilitate financing and appraisal valuations for their green-high-performance projects and clients.

We offer financing through our lender strategic alliances in most of the US and Canada; for more information on loan programs, customer loan information click here.  

We have successfully helped many builders overcome challenges in the green-built space.  Including marketing and economic analysis, and facilitating building performance modeling to improve efficiencies.  

We promote green builders.  By filling out our preferred builder online forms, we can obtain preferred high-performance builder status and become part of our trusted builder network.  At GEM the distinction is we are passionate about advancing green and WANT to fund Near-to-Net-Zero projects; and we can help builders and their
clients achieve competitive financing and quantified green appraisal valuations that economically support high-performance projects.  

GEM’s Green Appraisal Methods Recognize High-Performance Building

Green Energy Money, Inc has developed a proprietary green appraisal rating system that standardizes and quantifies the connection between the HERS Index and 18 energy rating systems and building codes. As a result, GEM’s appraisal valuation method (conforms to current regulatory guidelines) captures the monetized value that builders, consumers, and lenders require to achieve cost benefits for new construction or existing building retrofits for high-performance homes.

Green Energy Money (GEM) is partnering and connecting with national, regional stakeholders in the US and Canada, to offer a High-Performance Building and Green Mortgage Pilot Program, the GEM Loan® Hi-PP Initiative. 

GEM has beta-tested its appraisal practices and green asset quantification methods with several national and regional mortgage lending institutions and banks. Together these mortgage companies have successfully funded over $37m in loan volume during an 36 month Beta Program for high-performance projects where over 50 percent were near-to-net-zero homes.

GEM and their valued lending alliances are currently seeking high-performance builders and projects to join the GEM Loan® Hi-PP Initiative. The identified states are Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Maryland DC, New Mexico, Virginia Metro, Missouri, Texas, Utah, Oregon and Washington. 

We invite builders either in the built environment space, or those that want to learn more, to connect with us and Join our Preferred Builder Network or go to our project submission checklist to find out more a specific project; or learn about GEM’s financial and marketing services.

Apply to become a GEM High-Performance Builder

Green Energy Money, Inc has created a builder profile and preferred builder performance rating system that helps potential buyers and homeowners make informed choices when choosing a green building-contracting company. GEM and our strategic financial partners provide market differentiation for builders who are exemplary in several categories:

 High-performance building – Cutting-edge technology – Smart Home, Near-to-Net Zero

  • Durable construction building measures – Inclement weather mitigation-warranties
  • Current IECC (international energy conservation code) HERS and LEED Certifications and Building Practices
  • Green Building Training, Certifications, Expertise
  • Competency – Reputation – Customer Satisfaction
  • Financial solvency – Lender approval


Benefits for participating Builders engaging in the High-Performance Building and Green Energy Mortgage (GEM Loan®) Pilot Program:
  • Absorbs most capital outlays in sales price premiums, through green appraisal valuations; clients receive a quantified economic analysis and appraisal report reflecting 8%-15% premium value increase;
  • Compare data on building and energy performance criteria to quantify and demonstrate their building performance level, which will provide quality assurance to their clients;
  • Link to GEM‘s network of trained and/or certified energy auditors, green appraisers and loan officers;
  • Determine the quantified and monetized value of high-performance upgrades; translating the cost benefits, faster paybacks, etc.

 Join GEM’s Preferred Builder Network or go to our project submission checklist to find out more.

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