Financing, Marketing & Evaluating Green Homes

What‘s a green home worth? Does it pay to invest in upgrades to improve energy performance? How long will it take to pay back and can a reasonable return on investment be realized? What critical information is necessary to improve the value for green investment upgrades with lenders and appraisers?

Real estate agents and their potential buyers and sellers are all wondering how to find the answers to these and other questions regarding the emerging green market. GEM is here to dispel the myths, preconceptions and mystery around green property financing, valuing and marketing.

Green Energy Money (GEM) teaches real estate agents how to increase their sales, translate high-performance cost benefits to potential owners, and position themselves and their organizations as a “Green Real Estate Expert.” Our loan products and services afford Realtors and their clients a “value” proposition that improves value and savings. It‘s the gift that keeps on giving!

GEM is approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) as a Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) course provider; contact us today to sign up for a three-hour class called “Financing, Valuing and Marketing Green Homes.”