A “smart” community is one that consciously leverages renewable technology and energy-efficient measures to transform life in significant, fundamental ways. From GEM’s perspective, upgrading communities provides a viable platform for improving regional energy reductions. We are dedicated to supporting people at the neighborhood level in achieving high-building performance, faster debt reduction and improved property values. Smart Grid and renewable technology applications are advancing to provide solutions for antiquated utility grid systems. Supporting innovative, high-performance buildings is critical to the evolution of the smart grid deployment. Without mass-market adoption of energy reductions in building methods, smart-grid infrastructure cannot have a significant impact. That means most, if not all, of our existing buildings need to be upgraded for optimal performance to occur over the next decades. Why not start today?

Why Form a Smart Community?

By working together at the community level, people can potentially take advantage of green assets and property value increases that offset infrastructure, equipment costs and loan payments. They can also receive discounts for mass product deployment on purchases, which makes upgrades more affordable. Homeowners in smart communities can enjoy greater energy and financial freedom as well as offsets on their association fees. Some may even be able to plan and implement electric vehicle energy generation. Tax credits and rebates, energy savings and other incentives add tremendous value in offsetting costs and funding requirements. To find out more about developing your Smart Community, have your homeowner association (HOA) or neighborhood association, contact us today.

Read about Actual Smart Community Projects

For information on specific developments and green services, see our projects below that highlight actual Smart Communities.

Terra Scena

Dripping Springs, TX South Austin Region
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David Martin Homes, Casa Verde, Net-Zero Homes,


South Austin, TX


D. Martin Homes

Driftwood, TX


Austin Region constellationaustin.com

High-Performance – Net Zero Projects


Chicago, IL Current

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