Green Energy Money, (GEM) offers building owners and builders/contractors “real economic” financial tools, quantified building valuation analytics, and proven processes to fully support financing for a green project upgrade.  Our “preferred” networks of companies-financial institutions, appraisers, building science – energy raters, and REALTORS® are available to support green project financing and “green” appraisal valuations. It’s a complex process but we’ve just made it easier.

The Free Report offers a way for building owners and builders to start the process and determine the estimated costs and investment returns to make sound investment decisions in green upgrades.  Once you determine your investment makes good financial sense, we help you connect with our preferred “green” lenders, appraisers and contractors/builders to obtain the financing and “recognized” value necessary to complete a green retrofit or build a new high-performance home.

High-performance “green” building is a great economic opportunity for owners, builders, REALTORS®, and ultimately support our community and America’s energy reduction goals.  We understand the principals of green lending and appraisal valuations.

When reducing the energy consumption and operating expenses of a high-performance property – the value of the property should be recognized and cover most upgrade costs.  You shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket, and owners investing in “green” high-performance property upgrades should be rewarded and “recognized” for doing their part in reducing energy consumption and our carbon footprint.

The truth is – green building often pays for itself and can create a viable return on investment and creates


  • Reductions from rising utility costs and fees; and deferred maintenance (costs less to operate and performs better over time)
  • Reduce risk from potential utility brownouts and blackouts-especially with renewable power generation
  • Climate change – buildings are more durable and safer (mitigates potential building damage)
  • Loans can pay off faster, energy savings help offset loan balances and “green” upgrade costs


  • Building operational integrity – planned utility usage can reduce bills during higher peak times
  • Plan retirement or college and other debt reduction with fixed utility and loan payment reductions
  • Healthier environment, occupants often report quieter ambiance, improved air quality


  • Higher resale prices – high-performance homes sell at “green premium” prices
  • High-performance homes appreciate better and hold their value
  • Support economic growth and reduce dependence on foreign and fossil fuels
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