High Performance Retrofit- Hill Country, Texas

Radzinski Case Study





This existing home already had a good building envelope.  The owners wanted to add some renewable, high-performance measures and were able to achieve their financial goals due to an exemplary team of financing, building science and green builder – contractors who could achieve similar results with most existing homes.
It takes a team to make a dream


Experience Rating:

High Performance Home Feature: Solar

Home Square Footage: 3200 sq ft



We’d been wanting to install solar panels and a metal roof to our home for over a year and could not find the way to do it. Our green builder- contractor, Native Builders and Solar Installers, recommended that we talk with Green Energy Money, (GEM) and we hesitated because it sounded too good to be true. They contacted us and at first I didn’t want to speak to them because I was sure that we were not in a good financial place yet to make this happen and we were already working with another broker to refinance our home.

They quickly mentioned a few ways that we could refinance through The Federal Savings Bank Mortgage AND get solar panels and a metal roof while only increasing our mortgage payment by $100 / month AND lowering our interest rate. This information got my attention. The GEM and The Federal Savings Bank Team were so professional and on the ball that we did it all in less than a month and next thing you know we had our metal roof, solar panels AND we brought our heaviest summer electric bill down to $43 from $187 and $193 the previous two years! Thank you, GEM and The Federal Savings Bank for making this so easy for us! Happy homeowners, Dripping Springs, TX