Beyond The Future 2.2 – A New Perspective on Green Mortgages, Payments & Incentivized Financing


 To better understand how a green, high-performance loan should work, we should first review how conventional mortgages and interest is calculated. It’s important to note that all green projects, whether a new construction project or retrofitting an existing home, are … Read More

Into The Future – Green Mortgage Finance: What’s up with Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM’s) Part 2.1


 What’s a green mortgage and where can you find one?   What’s a green mortgage and where can you find one?  That’s a loaded question these days. Unfortunately, there is no verifiable, transparent answer.  Web searches regarding the subject of … Read More

Demand for Green Building Gains Momentum

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 Greater electrical demand requires local utilities to build more power plants. Excess demand during peak hours causes utility grids to overload, causing brown-outs that plague many cities. And through it all, America’s utility costs continue to rise. It is evident … Read More

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